The Best Things of Drinking Wines for Your Health

Posted By on September 14, 2011

The Best Things of Drinking Wines for Your HealthDrinking alcoholic beverages has been pretty controversial in many places in this world, not only for Vodka and Beer, but also wine. The controversies of drinking wines vary widely, depending on many regulations and common senses in different places. In Muslim countries, drinking wine is forbidden, because alcohol is forbidden according to the Islamic law. But, in Christianity, drinking wine is a part of their Mass ceremony in church. Besides religious reasons, controversies in drinking wine occur in the medical world. With millions of solid reasons, some people say it is good, but some people say the other way around. (more…)

What Wine Labels Actually Tell You

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It is said that physical appearance is not everything, but it is undeniable that physical appearance makes the first impression to let people know how things are. In the world of business, label and wrapper are their physical appearance. Through the two things, people will be able to figure out whether they should buy the products or not, if they cannot try or taste them directly. This kind of method is really effective for many kinds of products, including beverage products, like wines. In a wine shop, there are so many kinds of wines with so many names of brands. Wine companies design their wine labels beautifully, classically and persuasively. It is said that the ‘most-wanted’ wine is the one that has a great design of label. (more…)

Enjoying Life with a Glass of Good Wine

Posted By on September 14, 2011

When somebody invites you for a special dinner, you will frequently find few wine bottles on the table. And, when you would like to celebrate the success of your company, there will also be a lot of bottles of good wine ready to be drunk.  Wine has been one of the most chosen ‘companions’, when people have special celebrations in their life. But, in many countries, wine is a daily beverage that they drink almost every single day. Because wine is a part of culture of most countries, there have been a lot of wineries competing to make the best wine, not only locally, but also internationally. (more…)

Deep-Rooted Culture of Drinking Red Wine

Posted By on September 14, 2011

Drinking red wine has been ingrained in most of Western countries. People drink red wine in many occasions. In general, they do that after dinner, when they have light conversations with their friends. It is also said that drinking wine is like celebrating your life; therefore, people provide wine in many kinds of special celebrations, such as celebrating wedding party, birthday party, the success of business companies, and the like. The bottom line of drinking wine is celebrating life with good food and good friends. (more…)

Winery – Quinta do Zambujeiro

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Have Coffee and chocolate: Avoid Heartburn

Posted By on January 28, 2013

If you regularly suffer from heartburn, then you are definitely familiar to the pain that is caused by drinking coffee, tea or other caffeinated drinks. This may even be painful enough to make you give up your addiction. But, of course, are you ready to give it up? Or is there a way to avoid heartburn even while getting your favorite cup?

Good Wines Vs. The Best Wines

Posted By on December 27, 2011

Finding out the exact age of wine through its history makes you realize that wine is one of the oldest beverages in the world. Some people simply name it ‘tradition’ for drinking wine, but you believe it or not; wine has been a part of ingrained cultures in many countries, especially Western Countries, such as France, Italy, Spain, the United States and the like. Because wine is ‘owned’ by many cultures in the world, it has become so much various based on what every culture would like it to be. The varieties of wine tastes are also influenced by the quality of the grapes and the process. (more…)

Joining a Wine Tasting for the Best Wine Option

Posted By on December 20, 2011

Choosing the best wines for your consumption is as difficult as choosing an expensive electronic item. You not only need to know the ‘exact’ tastes and the prices, but also the rating and international quality of it. There are millions of options for both red and white wines. In order to know the best tastes of wines for your tongue, you probably need to try one by one. This can be done through a wine tasting. (more…)

The Fame of Wine Cooler in the Past

Posted By on December 13, 2011

In the era of 1980’s, wine cooler was pretty famous, especially in the United States. It was sold widely in the country with a bunch of different brands of wine cooler. People tried some new experiences with wines to make a new taste of it. In order to make the wine cooler, they add sugar and a carbonated beverage in it and mix them. So, the taste becomes little bit unique with the touch of soda, like coke.  Even though wine coolers were in favor of many people, nowadays, they do not seem as popular as before. People prefer either pure wines or carbonated beverages. Therefore, if you go to a grocery store or a wine shop, you may not find wine coolers as much as before. (more…)

A Traditional Wine Cellar for Wine Storage

Posted By on December 5, 2011

20 years ago, wine cooler was known as an alcohol beverage that was combined with sugar and a carbonated beverage. Though at the beginning it was just for self consumption, finally it reached wine market and was sold world widely. However, a wine cooler is no longer for this kind of alcoholic beverage. Nowadays, wine cooler is also the term for a special storage to keep your wine chill in an appropriate temperature. Commonly, it is now called wine refrigerator. Probably the ‘old-fashion’ way to keep your wines is putting them into wine cellars. In many wineries, this is still done until today. But, if you make your wine for your own consumption, having a wine cellar is not necessary. (more…)

What is Wine Cellar aimed for?

Posted By on November 29, 2011

Every single winery provides a wine cellar to keep their wine well within wine bottles and barrels. Wine cellar itself is meant to give a protection to the wines, because wine is very sensitive of external influences. Wine can be no longer good if it touches direct exposures to light, heat, and the like. Therefore, wine cellars are designed based on the needs of wine. Wine cellars can be built underground or aboveground. The common classy way for a wine cellar is underground, but nowadays, people have a bunch of ideas to make their wine cellars look better and more attractive. They call it as a wine room. (more…)

Knowing More Detailed Information of Wine through the Wine Labels

Posted By on November 22, 2011

When you purchase something, you certainly want to see the label of it. Through the label you are able to see and check out detailed information of the products. It also allows you to know if the product is safe and suitable for you to be used or consumed. If you purchase a bottle of wine, you definitely have to see the wine label. Like you do to other kinds of products, the wine label will let you know the country origin and the sort of the wine. But, the most important parts of the wine label are the type of wine, alcohol level, producer, and quality. In this point, wine label is crucial for the buyers. In another point, the wine label is one of the ways for the producer or wineries to sell their products. (more…)

Enjoying Your Night in a Wine Bar

Posted By on November 15, 2011

The ideal time of drinking wine is in at night. It is the time when you want to get together with your friends and chat with them for fun. You also can have wines as your perfect companion when you have a date. Drinking wine at home is good, but drinking wine in a public place will add the warm atmosphere. Many restaurants, mostly, provide wines for their customers, but, it will be a lot more perfect if you go to a wine bar and enjoy various options of wines that you may not be able to get it in an ordinary restaurant. (more…)

Learning More about Wines through a Wine Tour

Posted By on November 8, 2011

Getting in a tour is generally associated with cruising, swimming in beach, or hiking. But, the term ‘tour’ can actually be anything exciting, such as a wine tour. In the world of tourism, wine tour has been added to their dictionary. You may be wondering why you should join a wine tour, if you can drink your own wines at home. That is true, but drinking wines, only, will not make you learn the real wine experience. Joining a wine tour will lead you to do some fun activities with wines, more than just drinking a bottle of wine. (more…)

Storing Your Wine Bottles in Wine Shelves is not Always Safe

Posted By on November 1, 2011

As the time goes by, you may not realize that you have put more and more wine bottles in your wine cellars. The thing is the more you put your wine, the more protections you need to prepare. Putting a bunch of wine bottles in your wine shelves is not really a good notion. It could hinder you from the wine bottles’ visibilities. You may not be able to check out before taking the bottles, while the wine bottles’ labels themselves are not the same from one to each other. Some people simply cannot handle their hands well when they pick up the wine bottles. You could touch other bottles, and unintentionally nudge them. They can fall and break. If you want to avoid such thing, you should put more protections, like getting a wine rack. (more…)